3D Mapping

Using the latest aerial (drone) technologies we specialise in generating accurate 3D models and interactive tours from aerial data, including; surveying historic buildings,  geological sites, real estate and interactive aerial maps for leisure and tourism, to name but a few.

How does 3D Drone Mapping work?

After deciding on the area or structures needing to be mapped, we use automated flight systems to plan a route that covers the area.

Using a process called photogrammetry, we capture hundreds of 4K images from many different angles resulting in a large data set. This data is then processed using different software systems that generate a 3D model complete with textures.

Using the 3D model, we are then able to produce a range of different outcomes, from web based 3D viewers through to interactive 3D tours.

3D Mapping services:

  • Aggregates (stockpile measurement surveys)
  • Construction (topographic point cloud surveys)
  • Oil & Gas (right-of-way surveys, topographic point cloud surveys, dike surveys)
  • Utilities (right-of-way surveys & topographic point cloud surveys)
  • Environmental Engineering (topographic point cloud surveys)
  • Cultural Resource Management (topographic point cloud surveys)